The Illyriad Effect: Illyriad Guides and Strategies

Welcome to my humble site.

This site is my thoughts and ponderances regarding Illyriad, a most impressive Real Time Strategy game of Diplomacy, Crafting and Warfare.  To be found at, if you wandered in here randomly.

I am going to start by assuming you have some basic knowledge on the game already, having completed the in-game Tutorial, and possibly have perused a noobie guide or two.  If you have not enlightened yourself with one of the community made guides yet, I recommend the following:

Tallica’s Noobie Guide: Part 1 and Part 2

Tips For New Players, courtesy of Manannan.

This is from the perspective of someone who’s been playing three-months.  It’s geared toward new players, as I am learning and want to write fresh what I have figured out.  There’s a lot of depth to Illyriad, and while you can still play and have fun without a lot of thinking, you will gain much with some simple planning.

So without further delay…


Civil Engineering – A beginners guide to city planning

Table of Contents:

  • Early Diplomacy
    • Go Exploring: Scouts are your friends
    • Spies: A mystery worth pondering
    • Messengers: Recalling the cavalry
  • Magic; aka: “You’re a Wizard Harry!”
    • Runes, runes, runes
    • Geomancy helps you Grow
  • Equipment: Customizing Your Army
  • The World Map: An In-Depth View

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