The Plan:

Your cities should be able to operate under their own steam.  Meaning:

  • FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO STARTING A NEW TOWN: Lower your TAXES to 0.  Doing so increases resource income drastically, allowing you to grow faster.  Raise Taxes only as you need to.
  • Enough ‘Building Materials’ Resources coming in to sustain your growth; with enough Storage to not overflow.
  • City placement should include looking at surrounding rare herbs or minerals, food production ability, and animal density.  Rill has written an excellent guide on Real Estate Planning as well.
  • Lots of Caravans means more gathering basic resources from the world map, as well as transferring between your cities or with other players.
  • Keep 4 – 6 Cotters on-hand during the early-mid days of your city.  Between gathering Hides, Grapes, Equipment, and basic minerals and basic herbs, Cotters are very handy and highly profitable when you get into trading.  Replace Cottages with other needed buildings as your city matures.
  • If there’s rare herbs or minerals nearby that are actually useful (more on that later), you should be gathering them.  Always scout the location to make sure you do not over-harvest, and it’s a good idea to send a token army to a rare spot worth keeping to Occupy the square for an extended period of time (so long as it’s not too close to a neighbor – consider asking if they’d mind if it’s quite close).
  • Your military is a great tool for gathering animal parts and hides, as something needs to die to drop the parts you can harvest.  Look at your surrounding terrain, use appropriate units, and slaughter all the innocent bunny wabbits.  More on Military here.
  • Scout EVERYTHING.  Every animal that wanders by that you might consider killing/harvesting from.  Every rare herb or mineral that pops up nearby.  Every grape patch.  There is vital information to be gained from scouting.  With Rare Herbs/Minerals you want to know if it’s worth gathering.  With Rare Herbs/Grapes you want to know how many pieces are present so you can harvest from the square without over-harvesting, and destroying the patch.  I will be writing a more in-depth guide on Scouting in the future.  In the meantime, some more on diplomatic units can be found here.
  • You can’t build everything in each city.  You need to specialize.  Some forward planning goes a long ways towards reducing frustration later on.  Some insight into planning your path in Illyriad can be found here.

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