Rare Resource Distribution Project

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Guides
I am working to discern the Actual Rarity and Regional Distribution of Rare Minerals and Herbs.  While I have found a few small samples of this posted, the sample groups are too small, too localized, or incomplete.  If you know of a definitive database like this, please let me know!
What Information I Will Be Collecting:
  • Resource Type (Name),
  • Resource Quantity(Amount on Tile),
  • Resource Location (Region)
I will be stripping away the other information, and deleting the Scouting Reports once these 3 pieces of information have been collected.
I would like to get at least 250 samples from each Region minimum, and closer to 1000 per Region by the time I am done collecting, in this first phase.  I have an active contingent of over 700 Scouts working on my accounts to bring me information as well, until I am satisfied with the sample group.
If you’d like to help, please forward me your Scouting Reports for Rare Minerals or Rare Herbs, Grapes would be good as well.  Please forward to “HumbleDROP” or “Humbled” in-game.

I will not be sharing in-game, or posting information related to specific coordinates for any of these resources besides “Region”.  Many Players and Alliances like to keep information on super-rare resources secret, and if by some chance they are willing to share that information with me for this database, I do not want to have their Mines or Herb locations trying to be taken over as a direct result.
I would like to have a ‘beta’ copy of the information available within 30-45 days.  This will obviously depend on how many samples I collect and collate into the database.
If anyone knows enough to develop a script that could help to automate the extraction of this information via a button-click or similar, I just might love you.  Unfortunately it’s outside my skill set at the moment, so I am simply manually entering this information into a spreadsheet for further manipulation once I have enough results to begin working with.
Many thanks for any assistance!  Especially those that have already contributed reports!
  • Revisions:
    • Release – November 26th – 738 Plots Mapped and Posted
    • Update – December 1st – 1660 Plots Mapped and Posted
  1. Timothy (likes zebras) says:

    Many Players and Alliances like to keep information on super-rare resources secret…

    Does this mean that if a new player like myself scouts a rare mineral location that is occupied by an army I’m liable to be stomped on by more established players?

    It would seem that the new rare resources are going to lead to a lot of conflict.

    • humbledrop says:

      If all you’re doing is trying to scout a location once or twice and it fails, chances are NO, you won’t see any military action headed your way.

      If, however, you are super persistent, and are sending loads of scouts, day after day, in hopes of figuring it out, chances are you will annoy someone and you will get a strongly worded IGM at the very least.

      Most of the VERY valuable plots are well guarded, including diplomatic contingents. So your low number of Scouts would never make it through to see what they’re sitting on.

      Also, YES, the new Rare Resources among a few other mechanics seem very much designed to drive more players to war.

  2. Walking Bull says:

    Your page has been an invaluable tool for me and for our new players! Thank you so much for all your hard work. You are appreciated, greatly.

  3. Kalculas says:

    Nice work. Svelaugh Sand is listed with the herbs. (It’s a mineral.)

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