The Illyriad Effect Topics:


New to Illyriad?

Tips for New Players, courtesy of Manannan

Tallica’s Newbie Guide (Part I)

Tallica’s Newbie Guide (Part II) (aka – Not So Noobie Guide)

TD’s Guide for Newbies.  Covers a lot of random points not covered in some of the other guides above.

Basic Self Defense for Newbies

Planning your Path in Illy.

 – Advanced Tables and Calculators for many facets of Illy.

– ILLYTOOLS: Browser Addon that helps with city management, exploring your map surroundings, and coordinating attacks. Very useful once you have a basic grasp of the game.

Looking to Expand?

Essential Guide for Claiming Sovereignty, courtesy of Mara Zira.

Rill’s Guide to Real Estate and moving your cities.

Cerex’s Guide to Exodusing.

Auraya’s Quick Explanation on why/when to Teleport vs Exodus/Teleport.

Want to Kill Something?

– Equipping and Scavenging

– Obvious Troop Load-Outs in Illyriad – Courtesy of Kurdruk

NPC Difficulty Guide, courtesy of Manannan.

A Chart/Table on Critters in Illyriad, unofficial Illy Wiki – plenty of other info here as well.

Links to common mobs, groups sizes, attack/defense values, etc.

Eager to Collect Goods and Craft something shiny?

 – Rill’s Basic Guide to Gathering

Illy Crafting tables – shows all harvestable items, what recipes they are used in, as well as all craftable items and their traits.

Looking to corner the Market?

– Trading in Illyriad

Illy Black Market.  Making high ticket purchases or sales?  Want to bypass the ingame taxes?  This may be for you.  Understand the risk associated with trading via this method.

Official Illyriad HELP Forums by Topic:

Master Link

1) Game Interface

2) Buildings in Illyriad

3) Diplomatic Missions in Illyriad

4) Armies in Illyriad

5) Combat in Illyriad

6) Environment (Seasons + Lunar Phases)

7) Prestige

8) Moving your Capital City

9) Trade in Illyriad

10) Gathering in Illyriad

11) Crafting in Illyriad

ILLYRIAD Tutorial Videos

Something Else? — The Wisdom of Kurdruk, a lot of helpful advice and discussions.

Please message me a link in-game (Humbled), or leave it in a Comment below, if you have a helpful guide to add to the list! Thanks. 😉


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